Commercial lighting needs and services

Commercial lighting needs and services

Efficiency in commercial lighting

One of the challenges of commercial lighting in Fort Mill is giving the customer enough light to work by without over-lighting the premises in a way that can lead to high electrical bills. According to a 2012 study, overuse of lighting is so common that task tuning (also called institutional tuning or high-end trim) can help the customer save 35 percent of their energy use without suffering from inadequate light.

This illustrates the importance of having your business’s lighting installed by commercial lighting contractors who know all about energy efficiency and the unique lighting needs of your business. If you’re repurposing an old building that once hosted a different sort of business — one that requires brighter light — it may pay to have the lighting system changed.

Commercial lighting needs of all businesses

Replacing your old lighting with new LED lighting is a great way to save money, but you’ll need a contractor to show you how to get the biggest benefit out of it. While providing a customer with more efficient lighting, a commercial lighting contractor must understand the particular needs of this company. Every kind of business has its own lighting requirements, whether it’s the need for customers to recognize their own cars in a parking lot (which means sodium-vapor lamps and other strong-colored lights are a bad idea) or the need for adequate lighting for security cameras to work. Everybody wants enough light, but nobody wants glare, which in addition to making it harder rather than easier to see is a waste of energy. You’ll also need good security lightning and cameras if you have the kind of business that particularly needs to deter thieves. And, of course, every business owner needs to be in compliance with the local building code. If you haven’t committed that code to memory, don’t worry — that’s what commercial lighting contractors are for.

Other commercial lighting services

If you’re retrofitting an old building to fit your business, you’ll want to make sure the lightning is just right for your purposes. An expert lightning contractor can help you decide how to set up the new lighting system.

If your lighting is damaged and it’s covered by insurance, one of the many things that good commercial lighting contractors can do for you is provide you with an estimate of the damage for your insurance provider.

A reliable commercial lighting contractor in Fort Mill

Pyramid Electric Service are commercial lighting contractors licensed in North and South Carolina and serving the greater Charlotte area, including Charlotte, Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Indian Land, Marvin, Weddington, Matthews and Waxhaw. We offer a range of interior and exterior lighting services. rated us one of the top 25 electrical contractors in the Charlotte area. Ask about our 24-hour emergency service. Call the electricians you can trust. We have been serving York, Lancaster, Mecklenburg and Union Counties since 1963.

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