Outdoor lighting and energy efficiency tips

Outdoor lighting and energy efficiency tips

Looking for the right residential lighting contractor

When looking for a residential lighting contractor, start with the essentials. A license to work in your state, liability and workmans compensation insurance are all must-haves. Then ask your friends and neighbors if they know of any lightning contractors they would recommend. Also, check the various groups that perform ratings of contractors.

Outdoor lighting for security, aesthetics

Beyond a certain point, what sort of outdoor lighting you want depends on whether your main concern is security or aesthetics. You are going to want your front door illuminated, along with the path to it  and parts of the yard you plan on using heavily after dark, such as your deck. Beyond that, if your main concern is dissuading possible criminals, a nice even light over the whole yard will accomplish this. If you are trying to make your yard look as good as it possibly can, use more light to accentuate little details and make them stand out against the darkness. If you want to strike a balance between these two goals, you will have to ask your residential lighting contractor for advice.

Tips on energy efficiency in the home

Energy efficiency is a great way to save money while helping the environment. The California Lighting Technology Center has issued a guide on setting up residential lighting for maximum energy efficiency, important in a state which has gone in for energy efficiency in a big way and imposed new efficiency standards on homes which come into effect this year. The Center recommends a layered approach to lighting which combines ambient, task and accent lighting. Ambient lighting comes from an overhead light or lights — usually one central light. Task lighting places adds light right where it is needed, and includes such things as reading lamps, undercabinet lights in the kitchen and the lights on either side of the bathroom mirror. Accent lighting illuminates anything in particular that would benefit from a little extra light, such as a piece of artwork or interior design element. Brought into proper balance, these forms of light reduce contrast between brightly lit and shadowed areas, creating a more pleasant visual environment. Your residential lighting contractor can help you plan all this out.

A residential lighting contractor in Fort Mill

Pyramid Electric Service are electrical contractors licensed in North and South Carolina and serving the greater Charlotte area, including Charlotte, Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Indian Land, Marvin, Weddington, Matthews and Waxhaw. We offer a range of interior and exterior lighting services. Expertise.com rated us one of the top 25 electrical contractors in the Charlotte area. Call the electricians you can trust. We have been serving York, Lancaster, Mecklenburg and Union Counties since 1963.


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