Commercial Lighting needed? Consult a Fort Mill SC electrician

Commercial Lighting needed? Consult a Fort Mill SC electrician

Commercial lighting contractor to help you with your lights

Commercial lighting contractor is needed for your business to set up your lighting correctly. One of the things that makes commercial lighting a little easier is that the temptation you may have at home — to do the work yourself — is not likely to exist, unless your business is extremely small. But you might not be aware of all the ways that a good electrical contractor that works with lighting for business can help you save money while getting the best use out of your lighting.

The low-hanging fruit of saving money on lighting is switching to LED bulbs. They are more expensive than regular bulbs, but last so much longer that they will save you money even before you take the lower electric bills into account. These bulbs are compatible with many light fixtures, but not all. It may be worth your while to renovate your lighting completely in order to take advantage of LED efficiency.

A commercial lighting expert can help your Fort Mill, SC business save money in other ways. Because most of us tend to assume that more light is better, we often overuse light without knowing it. There was a study in 2012 which found that overuse of lighting is so common in the business world that task tuning (also called institutional tuning or high-end trim) can help the customer save 35 percent of their energy use without suffering from inadequate light.

Know the needs of your business

Every business has its own lighting needs. Many need white light for their parking lots so their customers can more easily recognize their cars at night, or a general glare-free illumination which helps security cameras work better. Banks and fast-food restaurants all need good light for their customers to do business outside after dark. And, of course, every place of business must be in compliance with the local building code. Commercial lighting contractors will know this code better than you do. If you are setting up your business and retrofitting an old building to fit your business, you may want a different kind of lighting for it. An expert lightning contractor can help you decide how to set up the new lighting system.

A commercial lighting contractor in Fort Mill, SC

Pyramid Electric Service are commercial lighting contractors licensed in North and South Carolina and serving the greater Charlotte area, including Charlotte, Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Indian Land, Marvin, Weddington, Matthews and Waxhaw. We offer a range of interior and exterior lighting services. rated us one of the top 25 electrical contractors in the Charlotte area. Ask about our 24-hour emergency service. Call the electricians you can trust. We have been serving York, Lancaster, Mecklenburg and Union Counties since 1963.

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